Commercial food waste processor

Hopefully have a look about the speciality and excellence of Envice through our commercial food waste processors lineup which might be fit to your specific demand
(Used in small restaurants, pensions, convenience stores)
Strict environmental standards,
Increase in environmental improvement contribution
I will relieve it from Envies.
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Name of the Product Food Wasted Processor for Business Use(5KG)
Name of the Model E5A-05K
Use Business Use
Color Silver
Product Size (W)380×(D)670×(H)750 mm
Product Weight 115kg / 125kg
Rated voltage AC220V / 60Hz (a single-phase current)
Power Consumption 1.3 KW/h
Way of Processing Dry Grinding System Using a Chain Scraper
Installation Location Indoor/Outdoor (Separeate Additional Construction According to Structure)